Let us take you on a pleasant romantic and entertainig ride with Segway through one of the most picturesque and most romantic little towns in the world. . . The Old Town includes partially preserved walls and the main church, a three-nave basilica built in the Romanesque style; the fronts of the Romanesque and Gothic styles were built in 1392 by the sculptor Paul from Sulmona. The ruins of a Franciscan monastery from 1589 are near the church…

Tour includes a ride through all the city and its hidden passages, streets of artists, visit to basilica… You can have a whole new experience of city tour without getting tired, thanks to Segways. Enjoy this unique island with lot of charm and romance, find out everything about Old Town, cattle and sheep breeding, along with salt extraction, fishing and agriculture have been the basis of survival on the island throughout the centuries. The tradition of salt extraction most probably originates from the times of the first settlement in this areas…

Experience Zadar 120min – 55€
All Around Beautys from Zadar 150min – 69€
Fast Beauty Views Zadar 60min – 38€
Novalja Tour 60min – 38€
Novalja And Zrće Beach Tour 120min – 55€
Free Ride Tour in our location! – 0€